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My Scout & Cellar story...

I go to great lengths to eat all organic, pasture raised, sustainable & whole foods that are nutrient dense.  Yet, I would make exceptions for wine.  Why?  Because I love wine! And I wasn't willing to give it up.  No two ways about it.  I am not a purist.  And the truth is, I really enjoy a nice glass of wine (or 2) on the weekends! And life is to be enjoyed!

As soon as I learned there was a cleaner alternative to enjoy wine, I was in. So, I ordered my tasting kit without ever trying the wine, and prayed I would like it. I'm happy to say, we have loved every bottle we've opened! And it's been so fun to try different types of wine instead of being in a rut with the same old 'standby's'. These wines are honestly some of the BEST tasting wines I've experienced. And they're Clean-Crafted™! 


I knew it was a right fit to join this company as soon as I read their company values: Do the right thing, Authenticity, Family, Transparency and Passion. Not only are the wines great, but the mission and values of Scout & Cellar as a company align with my personal and professional values as well.

Want to make the switch to clean crafted wine? Shop here.

Interested in a private tasting? Invite your friends & book a private tasting (locals only) in your home or office by contacting me via email or the 'Book Consultation' button above.

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