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Hi, I'm Michelle Smith, and I'm so glad you're here!

Like many women going through menopause, I was surprised (and discouraged) by the changes I began noticing in my early 40s. Yes, perimenopause hit early. Hot flashes, weight gain, lack of energy, insomnia, & the emotional roller coaster...I was at my wits end. I suddenly found myself on two different thyroid medications, bio-identical hormone replacement, trying every diet under the sun to lose the unwanted weight I had gained and I felt miserable. Mood swings & emotions were the new norm. 


I just wanted to feel “good” again. 

I've always made an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle, but these new challenges sparked a deeper curiosity about the healing power of food. Realizing that healthy food could be simple to prepare and taste good was a game-changer.


As a wife and mother of two now grown children, I noticed the biggest impact came from the smallest everyday changes. In 2014 I began dabbling with a “Paleo style” diet. I began slowly improving my diet, one small change at a time. Within a few years, I was able to go off my medications, and my doctor attributed it to my change in diet and lifestyle. Gut healing isn't about a quick fix or a miracle cure; stress and life challenges can throw us off, but learning how to manage our health long-term is a lifestyle choice. 


My passion for nutrition led me to leave a 30-year mortgage banking career and become a Certified Natural Chef at Bauman College in Berkeley, CA. The more I learned about the power of healing foods, the more I understood that food was only part of the picture: total wellness comes from a mind-body connection that feeds the soul. As a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach, I hope to share my passion for nutrition and wellness with other women in transition and guide them on their journey to total wellness. 

In addition to helping people cook and eat healthier foods & coaching, I am also a Scout & Cellar independent wine consultant. If you are interested in learning more, you can find out more here.

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